Systems Analyst
Information Technology
Victoria British Columbia Staffing Contract Apr 8, 2021

Systems Analyst – Contract


Contract Length: 11-Month (possibility to extend)

Location: Victoria, BC


Role Description


The Systems Analyst is a collaborative role that works closely with stakeholders and third-party service providers to analyze patterns, identify problems and determine, design (software or process) and recommend, document and implement solutions as part of product delivery. This role participates in all phases of the software development lifecycle process including solutions planning, development/testing and delivery into operations. The Systems Analyst takes responsibility for independent learning through feedback, a genuine interest and time commitment to develop technical and business skills and knowledge while learning and improving from technical feedback while delivering high quality solutions. The Systems Analyst requires a strong technical background and confidence in delivering and managing both cloud based and legacy applications within a team environment.


Mandatory Skills

• Researches and evaluates vendor supplied applications, develops recommendations, and implements accordingly.

• Analyzes and reviews existing or proposed system features and integration, security, scalability and performance requirements with clients, business analysts, and team members.

• Manages production and nonproduction application environments.

• Maintains core application infrastructure, including virtual servers, networks and firewalls.


• Plans and performs global configuration changes or module deployments for enterprise or complex applications.

• Integrates vendor supplied applications with existing infrastructure and applications through custom interfaces and components.

• Manages small to medium sized projects and related budgets.

• Provides technical expertise, training, and consultation to other staff.

• Develops or modifies software code to meet specifications or facilitate integration.

• Conducts testing of new or customized application modules to ensure application meets specifications.

• Develops application documentation requirements for functions, modifications, backups and operating procedures. Provides ongoing maintenance and operational support for applications.

• Supports application lifecycle and applies and follows appropriate change management methodologies and best practices.

• Maintains appropriate professional designations and up to-date knowledge of current information technology techniques and tools and provides input to strategies for ongoing support and upgrade of these systems.

• Builds and maintains good working relationships and collaborates with others.

• Performs other related duties as required.