Data Operations Lead
Information Technology
Calgary Alberta Staffing Direct Hire Jul 6, 2022

Job Description - Data Operations Lead (Remote)

You will be responsible for deploying key Data Governance processes that pertain to the sourcing, management, development and consumption of data assets. This will require close collaboration with Data and AI, product and engineering teams.

Summary of key responsibilities | What you will be responsible for day-to-day…

  • Manages requirements related to:
    • Quality (business definitions, integrity rules, and value sets) and performance (response time, availability)
    • Compliance of data and security and access controls with regulatory requirements and internal policies and standards
    • Ethics and trust as related to our raw and processed data as well as AI and ML models
    • Data valuation to assess the value of the data that we have or have access to
    • Data risk management for client’s data assets
  • Responsible for the application and deployment of data policies and processes and their continued enforcement to include areas such as workflow for data ingestion, data quality, data ethics, master data, metadata management, data lineage, and data catalog
  • Support the development and maintenance of an end to end data lifecycle management approach
  • Ensure that data quality and ethics guidance and direction is applied, with a focus on continued improvement of data quality and strict adherence to the agreed Trust and Classification processes, throughout the entire data lifecycle for applications that seek to leverage data and data services
  • Develop, operationalize and monitor data quality processes and pipelines, identify data quality issue patterns, apply remediation plans, implementation of data controls, and manage data quality remediation strategies.
  • Monitor and track data quality issues, identify gaps, and apply data remediation plans where data fails to meet required standard
  • Developing, operationalizing and monitoring data ethics processes and pipelines
  • Monitor and track trust and ethical issues in our data and ML models, and consult with data team on remediation plan
  • Follow the guidelines related to data governance, data quality and data ethics, and ensure clear accountability. In addition, you will have a key role working with various stakeholders across the organization to achieve the data governance goals defined in the Ventures data and AI strategy
  • Engage and coordinate with other data governance bodies across to ensure consistency in data standards


Helpful skills & experience | What we're looking for in the ideal candidate...

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant domain such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Informatics or related technical fields
  • A minimum of 6 years relevant work experience in data engineering, data quality management, information architecture and governance design and implementation
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and operationalizing data based guidelines, policies, procedures, and standards
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and operationalizing data & process lineage, and data catalog
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and operationalizing data quality and data ethics pipelines
  • Operational knowledge of related tools and platforms for data quality management, data cataloguing and lineage, data ethics, and data stewardship
  • Experience in data and analytics skills including data cleansing, curation, harmonization and packaging, data privacy & regulation, and data reporting, visualization & dashboarding tools
  • Expertise in metadata management - Establishing policies and processes that ensure information can be integrated, accessed, shared, linked, analyzed and maintained to best effect across the organization
  • Knowledge of Cloud based Big Data frameworks such as data lake, relational, and no-SQL databases
  • Ability to analyze complex situations and to derive workable actions
  • Ability to constructively challenge requirements and current state to increase overall value to the Ventures
  • Good written and verbal communication


  • Any Data Governance, Applicable Vendor or Industry certification is preferred
  • Holding a GCP Professional Certification is preferred
  • Experience in security skills including identity and access management is preferred
  • Preference for a demonstrated proficiency in at least one major programming language (e.g. Python, Java, JavaScript, etc)